Peter V. Swendsen



Before Frozen Fog (2008)

for tenor recorder and live electronics (for Terri Hron)


Before Frozen Fog is based on the seasonal shift from late fall to early winter, which took its time reaching Oslo in 2006. Finally, in December, winter’s arrival was marked not by snow but by the thick fog that rolled in from the Oslofjord and hung on all exposed surfaces, freezing on grass, trees, and even those who lingered long in its path, until the whole of the shoreline was encased in a crystalline shell. The piece attempts to capture something of this time of year, when the momentum of the seasonal transition overwhelms a place and its people and one realizes that the time has come to let go of the last remnants of autumn’s colors and hints of warmth and embrace winter’s stark beauty and captivating moments of intense silence.


[studio recording on Allusions to Seasons and Weather; performance materials available upon request]

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